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5 Things To Look For In A Neighborhood Before Buying


When you’re looking to buy a home, it’s important to find a good neighborhood. The quality of your neighborhood will make living in your home more enjoyable and worry-free, and it will help the value of your home appreciate quicker, giving you a higher return on your investment when you decide to sell.


Do Your Research:

Walk around the neighborhood and talk to the neighbors. Ask them about things such as Taxes, Activities, Convenience and Culture. Also use some quick online searches for the same information. Make sure you and your family have your future plans written out and agreed upon. You’ll be here for a few years.


Is It Family Friendly:

Do you like to have late night backyard parties with loud music? Do you have several dirt bikes and quads that you want to race around your property? Do you have a newborn child that is a light sleeper? Are you looking for peace and quiet? Every family is different. If you have a family or plan on starting one soon, you want to make sure the neighborhood you choose caters to your family situation.  You will want to take notice of the SurroundingsSidewalks and Schools. It would also be wise to find out what the Crime Rate is like.


Check Out The Curb Appeal:

How is the Appearance overall? Is there an eyesore nearby? Does one of the neighbors refuse to move their box truck parked in their front yard? How is the Landscaping? Is there a Home Owners Association? In Real Estate, it’s all about location, location, location. This rings true to Topography. Will you be able to get out of your neighborhood if it snows bad? What are the surrounding Sounds and Smells? Are they pleasant?


Businesses and Public Services:

Most people do their shopping and other errands within a few miles of their home. What businesses and Public Services are nearby? Will you have to travel far for something you do regularly? Do you mind commuting to have a home away from everyone else?



Find out what the other homes sold for and when. If you see a lot of Foreclosures or For Rent signs, you may want to look elsewhere.


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